Health Care Logistics

We accompany you during the optimisation or reorganisation of a holistic logistic system: considering the whole chain from the providers to the consumers. We look at hospitals as complex systems of processes, structures, people and material flows. Besides the clinical processes a very important quality element is the efficient coordination of logistic departments and units. We especially focus on storage, pharmacy, laboratory, sterilisation, laundry, kitchen, administration, cleaning and disposal.

According to our many years of experience in the fields of supply and our knowledge of clinical processes and their correlation we support you with professional health care logistics that takes into account all professional groups. We accompany you during the analysis of existing structures and processes and during implementation.

Consulting Services:

  • Analysis and evaluation of current logistic structures and processes
  • Optimisation of material and transportation flows
  • Establishment of controlling structures for processes and logistics
  • Preparation of functional specifications regarding logistic requirements to IT
  • Design of logistic concepts
  • Supervision of implementation