References by projects

Requirements Management ELGA Area for the Social Insurance Institution
Requirements Management in the project ADAS – buildup of an ELGA area (electronic patient record) in the environment of the social insurance institution and its health care organizations.
Requirements Management in the project ARGO – connection of all emergency hospitals and rehabilitation centers of AUVA to the ELGA area of the social insurance institution.
Employer: AUVA – Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt
Implementation of CISO
Conception and installation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) as well as taking concrete organizational measures to establish a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at KABEG (Association of Medical Institutions in Carinthia).
Employer: KABEG – Landeskrankenanstalten Betriebsgesellschaft
Medical Package for the Penal System
Functional specification, implementation and operational support for a clinical documentation system for the Ministry of Justice and its correctional facilities.
Employer: BRZ – Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH, Bundesministerium für Justiz
Pilot Project NaMoA City St. Veit
Project controlling, reporting, project evaluation and management of aid within the pilot project in close cooperation with the federal ministry of sports, the city of St. Veit and AMS/federal state of carinthia. NaMoA is an integrative model with focus on education, motion/sports and health. Children from kindergarten to graduation are professionally supported by sport educationists, sport scientists and sport medicine specialists. Prevention and age-based medical treatment of children an teenagers play a major role. The sustainable implementation of the project persues a primary goal: making NaMoA an integral part of the educational system.
For further information see here.
Employer: NaMoA - NachwuchsModellAustria, non-profit association
Clinical Documentation System for Correctional Facilities
Development of organizational concepts for the implementation of a clinical documentation system in the Austrian correctional facilities on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Justice (clinical documentation, pharmaceutical supply, narcotics) as well as implementation support.
Employer: BRZ – Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH, Bundesministerium für Justiz
Requirements Engineering Hospital Information System
Requirements Engineering for new hospital information systems (KIS) for AUVA – General Accident Insurance.
Employer: Raiffeisen
Strategy Development Health Care for A1
Development of a health care strategy for the business and private markets and establishment of a focus on the health care branch within A1. From market segmentation and analysis of competition to the development of chances and potential, business planning and decision-making for a target portfolio.
For further information see here (available in German).
Auftraggeber: A1 Telekom Austria AG
Implementation of the Health Care Strategy at A1
Implementation of the elaborated health care strategy and establishment of a department with focus on health care within A1. For 4 years shm has been responsible for program management, professional expertise, partner management, strategic sales consulting, product development and product management.
For further information see here. (available in German)
Employer: A1 Telekom Austria AG
Product developments and product management for A1
  • PGS Nursing and Health Care Service – a central platfom in the nusing and health care area
  • Renewing Health – a project funded by the European Union that deals with integrated telemedicine to support people with chronic diseases
  • Waiting Room TV – the information and communications platform for waiting areas in health care institutions
  • E-Care Terminal – a bedside terminal that serves as an all-in-one communications and entertainment solution
  • A1 Vital and A1 Care – a comprehensive solution for the market segments „health-conscious people“ and „people suffering from chronic diseases“
  • A1 Soforthilfe – an emergency call solution
  • A1 Radiology Archive – the long-term storage solution for radiologists
  • DaMe Services and DaMe Online Backup – intelligent interconnection of health care institutions via DaMe – a medical data network.
Employer: A1 Telekom Austria AG
Acceptance and Change Management
Measurement and evaluation of the readiness of the organization and its employees for change. Used method: shm model „readiness for change“. Development of criteria and measures to develop further the organization and culture of the Hospital Hanusch Krankenhaus, Vienna.
Employer: WGKK – Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse
Establishment of a Ward for Re-mobilisation and Aftercare
Organizational development and project development for the establishment of a ward for re-mobilization and aftercare at the hospital Friesach according to medical and economic criteria. Development of ideal internal processes for admission and discharge, cooperation models with external partners, implementation support and commissioning.
Employer: A.Ö. Krankenhaus des Deutschen Ordens Friesach GmbH
Strategy Concept e-health Carinthia
Organizational and ICT strategy concepts with focus on telemedicine for a comprehensive connection of all relevant partners in the medical and nursing field in Carinthia.
Employer: KABEG – Landeskrankenanstalten Betriebsgesellschaft
Documents Management
Project management and project coordination to secure the availability of the existing scanning solution within ORBIS in the context of the implementation of the electronic patent record in the regional hospital LKH-Klagenfurt.
Employer: Klinikum-Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
IT-Training for Medical Staff
Project management and project coordination to secure training of medical staff regarding new or - in course of the project „new LKH-Klagenfurt“ - modified IT functions.
Employer: Klinikum-Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Development and Operational Management of ERP (Electronic Patient Record)
Analysis, design, development, implementation and operation of a web based clinical documentation system with an integrated accounting system and process orientation for the day hospital Schwarzl Klinik, Laßnitzhöhe. The clinic is specialized on plastic and aesthetic surgery.
Employer: Schwarzl Klinik