Krankenhaus des Deutschen Ordens Friesach GmbH


Evaluation of the Financial System
Evaluation of the financial system (financial accounting, asset accounting, controlling, business warehouse, budget planning) and elaboration of recommendations – bearing in mind infrastructure and interfaces.
Establishment of a Ward for Re-mobilization and Aftercare
Organizational development and project development for the establishment of a ward for re-mobilization and aftercare at the hospital Friesach according to medical and economic criteria. Development of ideal internal processes for admission and discharge, cooperation models with external partners, implementation support and commissioning.
Organizational Analysis
Evaluation of the status quo of the overall organization, assessment, identification of potential for optimization, definition of a measure-concept and action plan for organizational development.
Organizational Development – Human Resources and Purchasing
Evaluation of the IT department, human resource management and the purchasing department. Definition of an action plan for the organizational development.
Analysis of the Organization of Secretarial Help
Analysis of the status quo of secretarial help in connection with medical reports and medical findings. Identification of potential for optimization.